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Chem-Dry’s unique method of professional carpet cleaning was developed in the USA in the 1970’s. Since its inception the company has grown from strength to strength and today boosts more than 4500 franchise outlets around the globe, with over 40 of these in South Africa alone.

Chem-Dry’s founder, Robert Harris came up with the idea after working for a carpet cleaning company as a young student and deciding that there had to be a more efficient and effective way of cleaning carpets.

Here are some of the benefits that the Chem-Dry cleaning process offers as opposed to conventional and outdated methods of steam cleaning:

  • First and foremost our Carbonated Cleaning System cleans carpets much more effectively than shampoo or steam
  • Just enough water is used to emulsify the dirt and grime in your carpets and extract it. This means that carpets are not left soaking wet for days which in turn provides a fertile breeding ground for mould and bacteria. And because so little water is used, carpets and upholstery dry within 1-2 hours
  • Carpets stay cleaner for longer as no soap or harsh chemicals are employed. Such products leave a residue in your carpets after cleaning which attracts dirt and bacteria and results in your carpets re-soiling much faster
  • As a result of Chem-Dry’s minimal use of water and chemicals in their carpet cleaning process there is no risk of damage like shrinking, stretching, rotting or warping.

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Nothing is more unpleasant than the smell of pet urine in your carpets and upholstery. While we do recommend professional cleaning of your carpets on a regular basis, with Chem-Dry’s Pet Odour Removal Treatment it is not necessary to call in the big cleaning machines every time Fido has an accident.

Immediate application of P.U.R.T. on the affected area will not only clean your carpet but also eliminate the offensive urine smell. Contact Chem-Dry Johannesburg South today. We are the experts in keeping your home and carpets looking fresh and smelling great.